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End to end solution for Launching ICOs in 4 weeks

We take care of :

  • Technology
  • Marketing
  • Legal
  • Website
  • White Paper

ICOLaunchX is a team of techies, smart contract developers,
lawyers, marketers and creative artists who can help you launch ICO and raise
funds for your business. We help you launch a successful ICO and
provide all the necessary ingredients.

10+ ICO Launched, $100M+ Raised

Want to launch a successful ICO ?

What services do we provide?

   Minting the ERC – 20 tokens

   Smart contract development

   Customize smart contracts with Crowdsales, promotokens, private sales etc

   Setup the token buying platform on your own website

   Review of the core project documents : Recommendations on White Paper, webpage, key press releases

   Drafting or review of legal documents :Terms of Use, agreements, Privacy Policy, warranties, disclaimers, risk factors

   Legal advice on ICO specifics throughout the token sale

   “Establish your legal entity : Choose most suitable jurisdiction for your project”

   Vet and refine your business model before launch of the ICO

   Utility token business model specific to your project (whether to burn the tokens, buy back the tokens)

   Advice on how to maximize the token value in the long run

   Advice on how to frame your marketing campaign

   Create PPC account with targeted keywords and ad budget

   Launch a PR campaign to cover 200+ news publications across the world

   Draft the complete whitepaper with invitation to invest, business strategy

   Drafting White Paper of the project in multiple languages (if required)

   Designing of the infographics in the whitepaper

   Create an attractive landing page for the ICO

   Complete the SEO of the landing page for the ICO

   Integrate token sale functionality on the landing page

How much ICO LaunchX charges

Basic Package

10 BTC + 1.5% Success Fee
  • Techonology Solution
  • Legal Solution
  • Business Consulting
  • Marketing Consulting

All inclusive Package

13 BTC + 2% Success Fee
  • Techonology, Legal Business Solutions
  • Whitepaper
  • Website Landing page
  • Marketing Consulting + Video support

Don’t Need Package? Choose among stand-alone options

Technology Solution

4 BTC+1% Success Fee

Legal Solution

2 BTC+1% Success Fee

Marketing Solution

4 BTC+1% Success Fee

Website Landing Page


White Paper


Our Team

Amit Mehra

George Holland

Kanika Gupta
Business Consultant

Katrina Downsel
Legal Counsel

Carissa Smith
Blockchain Attorney

Siddharth Barpanda
Smart Contract Developer

Jennifer Owen
Crypto Marketer

Jepheth Drillman
Smart Contract Developer

Himanshu Jain
ICO Consultant

Wanni Jen
Crypto Marketer

Sean Kirtz
Crypto Expert

Dennard Joseph

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