How to market your ICO

//How to market your ICO

How to market your ICO

Making an effective marketing strategy is essential for a successful ICO. Though ICO Marketing is the most important step, it is very difficult too. Here we have mentioned some major points which are of a crucial importance to prepare marketing strategy.

ICO Marketing Tips

Prepare a Productive Website

Your website is just like a shop’s display window. If you pass through a shops window and found it untidy, cluttered, or unappealing display. You are likely to resist yourself from entering that shop. The same is with the website. Your ICO website should be appealing, attractive, tidy and speed affluent. Your website will get the attention you deserve if it follows some crucial measures. Appropriate content and layout, eye-catching design and ease of navigation are some of them.

Your website is the first impression which you can’ afford to go wrong. Since it is related to a very technical and new aspect. It must have adequate information regarding registration of ICO, how to invest in ICOs etc. You must mention your whitepaper and your team members on your website.

If possible, try to add a short explanatory video to your website. This adds allot to your website.

Role of Public Relation and Media

Once your website is ready, its time for your PR team to work. People are interested in knowing about your ICO and this gives a huge opportunity to maximize your PR and media outreach. A press release is already a tested method to approach people. Some top listed website also publish your openings but for this, you need a tie-up with one of them. Otherwise, you have to pay for press releases.

Some websites charge for publishing content but there are some also which publish quality contents free of cost.

Importance of Social Media Management

cryptocurrency communities and many social media platforms are of major importance to the ICO Marketing. The community is vast and plenty of knowledge is available. But before joining the community, get knowledge about the trust and validity of that community. The level of trust depends on how you share information with the group and you have presented the ICO. A genuine wealth of online social channels are available where you can promote your ICO:

  • facebook
  • reddit
  • telegram
  • quora discussions
  • LinkedIn Professional groups
  • specialized forums

Using PPC is a Good method

2018 is going to be challenging for paid advertisements. Major platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter and more have shortened the areas where one can advertise their ICOs. These bans have made using PPC model risky and difficult but not impossible. Banner ads should be made easy to publish on various online platforms where people are interestingly reading for cryptocurrency and blockchain square.

Create a top Rated SEO Strategy

SEO is wrongly getting ignored in the urgency of ICO Marketing. With the increasing restriction on paid advertisements on ICOs, SEO is getting a topic of major importance to ICO Marketing. Make sure that your website is SEO optimized and the keyword should also be well researched and. Then it the turn of off-page strategy which includes intelligent and healthy link building, online reputation management and branding.

Optimizing ICO Through Email Marketing

Advertising through Email is one of the most effective and efficient parts of ICO Marketing strategy. But it can also be an expensive way to approach both financially and in your ICO’s reputation. One should not directly send advertising emails to personals without their want consent. A limited exception for your own previous customers which are famously called the ‘soft opt-in’  is accepted. However poking repeatedly unsought ‘spam’ e-mails will cost your company’s reputation, the ability to send further emails, and can also cause you a financial penalty.

A better long-term, but a time taking solution is to do some quality R&D and make your own mailing list of specific users who are interested. Now, this also is not simply possible for many ICOs. So this tells that applying a shortcut to E-mail ICO marketing can make quick results, but it can also cause more harm than a less good. SOme agency has also taken out the solution to this too. They prepare and share the mailing list of those who have opted-in to this service. Here you can perform some small E-mail marketing operations. So whatever the case may be, you have to prepare your own mailing list for performing marketing operations.

A Bounty Program can Boost Your ICO

Bounty programs are some of the marketing channels which is an effective part of ICO Marketing. Most ICO marketing campaigns operate some form of a bounty program, with for both pre-ICO and post-ICO offers available.

ICO Listings

Some particular sites list ICOs, list your website there. They are good for prior-ICO coverage and exposure. Most of the websites charge you for listing you and also there are some which list you free of cost.

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